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nati8871 public Меня зовут -_A_S_I_-. Я сижу в этом секс видео чате с 2017-07-31. Мне 49 лет. Цвет моих волос Redhead. Мой рост 5'7" - 5'9" [170cm - 175cm], мой вес 160 - 180 lbs [70 - 80 kg] care ..... iiiiiiii the smell of a member of your beloved man ... iiiiiiii Anal sex is really cool !!!!: this is a separate thrill from realizing how much you can trust a man, finding yourself in a defenseless position and at the same time being sure that you will not be done very badly. sensations - "everything is so narrow there", and there are as many nerve endings as there are enough for ten vaginal and clitoral orgasms !!!! The need for submission inherent in nature, which in the modern world is active and a determined woman is not so easy to realize. At this moment, you feel at the same time weak, helpless, protected, sexy and generally a goddess !!!!! This is a thrill for the inner "bad girl" - doing something taboo, but so nice. And the inner "good girl" also gets her own - sex is extremely important for relationships, and anal sex not only opens up truly new horizons of pleasure, but also makes relationships much closer and more trusting. And that's good, isn't it? likeness of men Female 49